Belaire is the authorised distributor for the following:

Controls   (AC & Refrigeration)

Indfos Industries Limited, HVAC, Refrigeration-Pressure and Temperature Controls, Solenoid Valves, hand Shutoff/Isolation Valves and Filter Driers.

Industrial Controls

Pressure Switches (Vacuum to 210 Kg/cm2), Differential Pressure Switches (75mm WC to 42Kg/cm2) also flame proof, explosion proof switches .

Temperature Switches

(-40 to +400 deg C) Direct & Remote mounted thermal system for hazardous area with explosion proof enclosure to group IIA, IIB &IIC certification)

Pressure and Temperature Transmitters

Pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, pressure sensors, temperature sensors - denfoss and other makes.


Heremetic, Semi-Heremetic, Scroll for all Refrigerants and applications. Opentype compressors.


Refrigerants - CFC-R-22, HCFC: R-134A, 404A, R-407A, R-407C, R-410A, R-23, R-508B etc.


Kwality precision products pvt. Ltd for forged fittings “KIM” brand brass valves & flare tube fittings for AC & R, Olive type compression brass tube fittings for pneumatics & carbon steel fittings for high pressure hydraulic applications.


“FUCHS” Europe- Schmierstoffe GMBH – Germany for speciality lubricants for CFC/ Non CFC Low/ Ultra Low temperature application For Individual product technical details/ History can be provided from our library, as also product selection & assistance.
Suniso-3GS, 4GS, 5GS and EMKARAT - RL 32, RL 68
Bitzer - make lubricants etc.
Also available complete range of spares, machineries, expansion valves, driers, isolation valves, liquid indicators, pressure regulators etc for all applications, flow switches, copper tubings, solenoid valves of all sizes, coil voltage and various mediums.

Gas Cylinder

(Since 1968)

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